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Bathroom Design, Remodeling and Renovation near Omaha NE
Omaha Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

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Are you looking for a Bathroom Renovation Service near Omaha NE?  Omaha Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling is providing its best Bathroom Design, Remodeling and Renovation  in the Omaha and surrounding cities. Costs? Free estimation. Call us today for Bathroom Design, Remodeling and Renovation!

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The experts at Omaha Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling can help you design the perfect bathroom for your home in Omaha NE. We believe you should be comfortable in your bathroom, and its atmosphere should be harmonious and relaxing. Whatever your personal retreat looks like, we will help make it happen!

We will make sure that you never feel constrained within your bathroom by designing it in such a way that maximizes space while keeping it visually striking. We can cater to any theme you have in mind or offer you suggestions on how to improve your current bathroom space. Our bathroom remodeling team can turn your bathroom into a serene area of relaxation that looks and functions in a way that supports your lifestyle.

We know that in most cases, renovating your property isn’t just about increasing its value—it’s about improving your family’s quality of life. We care about making your home as comfortable and functional for you as it can be, all while ensuring the design is so stunning you can’t wait to show it off to family and friends. In your bathroom, we want you to have all the luxuries you desire—whether that’s a rainfall shower, a double vanity, or just ample storage. From design to completion and beyond, our team is here for you every step of the way.

At Omaha Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, we work to deliver you the bathroom you and your family deserve. Get started with a free on-site consultation in e in Omaha and surrounding cities  today! Call us at (402) 715-9720 or contact us online to get started on your dream bathroom today.

Choose From The Latest Products

Everything You Need To Transform Your Bathroom

Omaha Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling provides the latest innovations in fixtures, flooring and so much more for today’s bathrooms.  Our wide variety of products from the most respected manufacturers includes tub and shower enclosures, custom tile selection, hardware, fixtures and so much more.  We provide everything necessary to create the look you want in your bathroom, including:

…And so much more

Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

One reason why bathroom remodeling is so common is because the bathroom is the fastest- deteriorating room in the house because of high traffic and daily use. Another great reason to remodel is because a quality bathroom will increase the value of your home substantially, just as a run-down bathroom may make a home difficult to sell.

Why Use Kitchen and Bath Remodeling?

At Omaha Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, we have the diverse skills necessary to handle every aspect of your bathroom remodeling project from start to finish. We have decades of experience, access to a wide selection of materials and amenities, and the tools to get the job done right in a timely manner. We are fully capable of creating a luxury-level bathroom while also minimizing costs to adhere to a limited budget. We can assist you with design and layout, fully renovate and/or extend an existing bathroom, build a new add-on bathroom, and arrange for all necessary permits and inspections.


Our well trained staff can cover the full spectrum of specific bathroom remodeling tasks, including but not limited to the following:

  • Install new tile, vinyl, or wood flooring, as well as removing the old floor and subfloor if necessary. We can also tile your walls, around the sink and in the shower. We can help you select glass tiles and accents to create the elegance and long term durability you are looking for.
  • Customize or renovate your vanity. We can custom-cut vanities to any shape and size to fit in tight or unusual spaces. With our endless selection for countertop and backsplash options, you can choose the materials and decorative extras to create the space you are looking for, including custom mirrors and framing to complete the look.
  • Remove your old, possibly leaky, commode and replace it with a newer, more upscale model. We know how to minimize the chances of leaks and back-ups so your subflooring will not be damaged by pooling water.
  • Create new and exciting lighting over showers, bathtubs, vanities, etc using top of the line
  • Replace or upgrade old faucets, shower heads, sinks and drains. We can even put in high-efficiency
  • faucets and shower heads that reduce water flow rate and save you up to 30% on your water bill. In
  • general, we can handle all your plumbing needs, including moving water lines to a new sink location.
  • Adding extra insulation and more energy efficient windows and doors to improve bathroom ventilation.
  • Add small details that create a big difference in the functionality of your bathroom: storage fixtures, heated towel racks, sturdy tissue roll holders, vanity area shelving, and more.
  • Install a new tub, including jacuzzi and deep-soaking tubs; put in a new shower stall, with a sit-down ledge option or tile insets for in-shower storage of soap and shampoo. Curved shower curtain rods can give you more elbow room in the shower or beautiful frameless glass shower doors.

4 Innovative Steps of Our Bathroom Design

Bathroom Measurement: Upon scheduling an appointment, our bathroom design team will come to your home to measure the dimensions of your bathroom.

Finalizing Layout:  Omaha Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling consultants will start designing the proper layout of your bathroom. The layout design includes where your cabinets, backsplashes and water technology will be placed and narrow down the dimensions, i.e. length, width and depth. Our bathroom design experts will design and do the process again and again until you are fully satisfied.

Choosing Finish: Our Omaha Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling specialists will help you coordinate all of your bathroom finishes matching with your bathroom vanities, tile work, tubs and water technology.

Planning Your Budget:  Omaha Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling financial experts will be available to help you set a specific budget and design so that we will provide you with the bathroom space you can afford. Though Omaha Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling is a full service remodeling and renovation firm, we are renowned as a supplier and contractor focusing on project costs. This means, you will get complete freedom to spend wisely on what you really want.


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Omaha Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

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OMAHA KITCHEN & BATHROOM REMODELING is a remodeling company based in Omaha with an extensive background in the intricacies of kitchen, bathroom, and whole-home remodeling. We strive to deliver the best in high-value services at the right price for you. As a fully insured design and construction company, we are proud to say we provide the best in remodeling and renovations for our customers no matter the size of the project scope or budget. Whether you’re looking to revamp one bathroom, kitchen or your entire home, we can create the space you’ve always dreamed of.

OMAHA KITCHEN & BATHROOM REMODELING offers the very best in full-service design and remodeling services.  As specialists in custom designed kitchens and baths, our team of dedicated professionals have the experience and know-how to take your vision and create a design that both maximizes your space and delivers that stunning aesthetic appeal that you, your family and your guests will truly appreciate.



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